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  • Please send your comments, questions to: [email protected]. Until January 2012 I was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Legend Silicon Corp, prior to which I was the VP of Product Marketing at the same company. I've been a high technology product and business management professional based in silicon valley, California since early '94, having started my career at Cadence Design Systems (Alta Group) in '94 as a signal processing/digital communication system design engineer (until 1999). Then a startup of my own, followed by software tools product management at Chameleon Systems, a reconfigurable processor startup. This was followed by WLAN semiconductor product management at Systemonic, Inc. a startup acquired by Philips Semiconductors in 2003. Until July '05, I was a HDMI product marketing manager at Silicon Image, a consumer electronics fab-less semiconductor company.

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  • Strictly speaking, a whole of my experience and thoughts have gone into writing this book. However, a few works stand out as the key inspiration: The notion of opportunity cost is drawn exclusively from James M. Buchanan's classic, Cost and Choice, An Inquiry in Economic Theory. The concept of economic value add is drawn directly from The Quest for Value, A Guide for Senior Managers, by G. Bennett Stewart, III. The notions of context, of the forward movement are inspired by my readings of phenomenology, starting with a little gem of a book, George Steiner's Heidegger, which I first read fifteen years ago in 1990, and Professor Thomas Sheehan's short course on the topic of Martin Heidegger and the thinking, at Stanford University in early 2003. In many ways, the thinking that is explored in this book is a culmination of various insights that came together slowly during my professional career in the high technology industry.